Perverted Doctor

Quick, you'll be seen by the doctor! Those are the well-known words that ring in your ears as you nervously await the receptionist to deliver your test results. The trust and relationship between doctors and their patients is unbreakable. There is a lot of secrecy around the doctor-patient relationship. At least not at the office of the Perverted Doctor anymore. No matter what health problem a patient may be experiencing, our practicing physician thoroughly examines them and treats them with only the most effective methods. You'll see that dick is the drug that doctors recommend most often, and it's usually effective. Learn the inside story of the Perverted Doctor's office from the perspective of the doctor. There must be some benefit to having routine checks where people keep returning time and time again. Seeing the doctor's interactions with his patients will make it very clear why. You will be seen by the doctor in room 1 once your test results are in. Put on this robe and undress; he'll be right over…

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