Lessi Kitty

Lessi Kitty Hot Dancer has amazing skills with and without the pole. She can be your very own Personal Trainer who will do her utmost to help you enjoy both hers and your body every second you are with her on Swag.live. Her dedication to a strict exercise routine not only keeps her figure trim but also fosters a suppleness that’s truly impressive. She believes in the power of fitness to maintain her physique, and the results speak volumes about her commitment to staying fit and agile. She can tease and please you from every angle and will certainly try and raise your blood pressure with her explicit moves and naughty antics. If you furnish her with diamonds, you’ll be able to have your very own filthy show. For 2000 diamonds you can watch her playing with herself while she wears nothing more than some ultra white stockings. For 1000 diamonds you’ll get a hot twerk in yellow pantyhose.

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