Foster Tapes

Every year, hundreds of families in the US are restored. Heartfelt presents that some foster parents and parents-to-be dream about…Little do you know, there are likely a lot of hidden truths held by many of these foster families…our tape library to demonstrate just that…The true stories of foster families from all throughout the United States are told on these videotapes. Never before has there been film of the most disturbing foster family you have ever seen. A freshly formed nuclear family relies heavily on social workers, newly made parents, foster girls, and foster boys. Foster Tapes was born out of the need to help these families face their demons. All those recordings have been compiled so that you may see some of the most disturbing and controversial foster video ever. There's video footage of all sorts of sexual encounters, including threesomes, adoptive sisters having sex, foster daughters having sex with foster parents, and stealthy foster sons spying on their MILF. Here are some of the most disturbing porn films you've ever seen. Be a part of and claim the collection for yourself!

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